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Grand Island Skills and Race Clinic
April 24th, 2016 10:00am
BBC Training Event
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Beaver Island State Park Grand Island, NY 14072 - parking lot 4
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$5 members $15 non members

Race Director
Robert Johnson

Brian Degnan
Jonathan Siuta
Steven Mongielo


There will be 3 parts to the session:  side by side group ride practice & basic bike skills  in the large lot and park roads, pace line skills work on park roads (or around the Island for experienced riders) and a 45 minute race simulation on a short circuit course.  Experienced racers will help coach & mentor newer riders and those with less experience. Groups will be determined that day.  More experienced riders can do fast paceline laps of the Island to get more miles in.  Races should start at 12:00 for B group and 12:30 for A group.

Lot 4 is off the 1st right after your enter the park,  by the sledding hill

Marshals can still do the skills & paceline parts of the day.

Some of the skills to be worked on

 Emergency braking.

 Cornering. (quick primer on that).

Lifting the front and back wheel over an obstacle.

No handed riding..

how to safely eat & drink in a group, ie practicing grabbing & replacing bottles.

side by side riding, possibly 3 across and 3 deep, with different people taking turns in the middle.

Wheel touching

basic paceline work; ie 1 minute pulls at a moderate speed, 30 seconds at a faster speed, working up to rotating pacelines with more advanced riders. explaining that if you want to go faster, gradually bring the speed up when you are on the front, etc

possibly bumping drills on grass if not too wet.

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