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Cycling Events, News, & Links is a networking, stat tracking, and social cycling supersite! Create a profile with your cycling accomplishments, bike collection, stats, route maps, and make friends with other riders in your area! The BikeWire Statbook is packed full with the tools you need to keep track of your progress throughout each cycling season alogn with a Facebook App to bring stats to your Facebook profile. BikeWire also offers a free classifieds system and status feeds!
Cycling Underground
What's happening with cycling in Chautauqua, NY- Jamestown, NY- Eire, PA- Buffalo, NY
Pelotoneast is a blog site for racers in the Northeast. There are Pro's, Coaches and National Champions blogging and answering questions on all aspects of cycling. Membership is free.
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Buffalo Triathlon Club
The goal of the BTC is to promote multisports (triathlon, duathlon, etc), and bring people together for training, racing, and fun. Whether you are a veteran of many races, or someone who is just thinking about trying one, this club is for you. We have members of all ages and skill levels, and the veterans are always eager to help out those that are new to the sport. The BTC is a non-profit organization, and contributes generously to various charities.

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